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Urban Gardening

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Guide to Urban Gardening

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Plants and humans are really similar.
If we eat the wrong foods, get the wrong medicine, and are exposed to dangers we get sick and die.

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It’s no wonder then that most plant owners fail, they don’t know how to take care of their plants correctly.

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The main difference between us and plants is that we can talk. When something hurts, we cry. When we are happy, we laugh. Plants are a little different, they tell us what they want, but only if we know how to read the signs.
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Urban Gardening Panama participated in Festival Abierto 2012


Urban Gardening Panama participated in the Festival Abierto 2012 held on the 21 and 22 of April at Parque Omar in Panama City. The festival was attended by some.

Urban Gardening with the Urban Organic Gardener | Kale University


I’ve been intrigued by living in smaller spaces lately. One of the big problems with small space is that it is harder to grow a garden. Luckily there are s.

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