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Get Growing! Organic Gardening Tips And Tricks

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Organic gardening doesn’t have to be grueling work. Indeed, it can be quite enjoyable. Potted Gardening can be overwhelming for a beginner. So, what exactly should a novice learn and do when they want to start growing plants? Well, a great place to start is with the following helpful article!

Before settling on your garden space, visit it at multiple times throughout the day. You need to understand what type of light the spot gets on an hourly basis, as it can have ramifications on the plants you can grow and your ability to grow anything at all! If the location receives no direct sunlight, reconsider your options.

Read the packages your seeds came in! Every seed is different. Some can be planted year round while others can only be planted at certain times. Some seeds need ten hours or more of sun a day, and others need much less. Before you impulse buy a seed package based off of the picture, take the time to know what you are getting into.

Use mulch to add nutrients to your soil. Mulch is a much better way to amend your soil than fertilizers because it comes from natural ingredients in your garden. Commercial fertilizers may contain undesirable chemicals. In addition, mulch is free. All you need to do is compost your clippings and yard waste in a compost bin. Before long, you will have enough mulch for your entire garden.

Check your store bought soil for pests. If you buy from big home improvement stores, your soil may have pests such as aphids. To kill the insects and their larvae, put the soil in a metal baking pan and place it covered in a 400 degree oven for 20 to 30 minutes. Let cool before using.

You can plant wheat grass or cat grass near the plants that the cat eats. You can also put something on top of the soil around the plants that has an offensive smell to cats, such as mothballs or citrus peel.

Get your kids and grand kids involved with gardening by letting them help you in the garden, and by taking them to nurseries and arboretums. Children generally love being outdoors and will soak up any knowledge you are willing to share about sunlight, water, and soil quality. Gardening is a great way for children to learn about nature and for them to bond with you.

You should now realize how much fun and how enjoyable potted vegetable gardening can be. Taking care of a garden is a fun and relaxing experience. Use these tips to get your organic garden up and running in no time.

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Growing Tomatoes In Containers

Growing Tomatoes In Containers Growing Tomatoes In Containers has been created by Horticulturist Marty Ware and provides some tips and ideas not seen before online.


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How To Grow Warrigal Greens

How To Grow Warrigal Greens

how to grow warrigal greens and where to find them!


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Growing Sweet Basil

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How To Grow & Sprout Cherry Tomatoes?

Hi, and welcome to another video blog post “How To Grow & Sprout Cherry Tomatoes?“! I would like to thank you for coming to visit my website and the content inside! The sure is plenty of articles in here based on a wide variety of subjects on this Niche! Also there are plenty of links to help you find out even more on this topic, all I ask is that you remember to return to read and finish this article! Enjoy!

How To Grow & Sprout Cherry Tomatoes How To Sprout Cherry Tomatoes quick easily and healthy. Agricultural Horticulturist Marty Ware from Australia shows you how!

How to grow Cherry Tomato Plants? The answer is quite simple as our lovely Cherry Tomato is the easiest of them all, as it not prone to many of the pest and diseases that the other species suffer from.

Image via Flickr

The Cherry Tomato comes in many forms and has a wide variety of common names such as. Many of these species can up to two or three common names such as:

  • Tiny Tim
  • Bicolor
  • Chocolate

Do you want to know more about growing Cherry Tomatoes? Please visit or click How To Grow & Sprout Cherry Tomatoes? for more reliable information.

Image via Flickr

started cherry tomatoes. anyone got any pointers?


i just threw a bunch of old cherry tomatoes in a pot of dirt as test and they started sprouting within the last to days. first one. now there are over. This will weed out weaker ones and let them just continue to grow. Less of a

Big Oaks Farm


These little cherry tomatoes are called Everglades. They come from a prolific plant which is a Florida heirloom. These reseed freely in the garden. I planted the original plants several years ago, and now they just grow here

My Garden – My Home: How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes in Containers


Cherry Tomatoes can grow in practically any container, as long as the size of the pot, fits the variety you want to plant, has good drainage holes, quality soil, water, food and sunlight. You can use baskets, hanging pots, ceramic, plastic and clay pots, even planting them in a bag of Tomatoes usually need between 6-8 hours of sun light a day to grow properly. Watering Water daily, without over watering, as they are quick to grow once they sprout. You should be able

Come and click Potted Vegetable Garden homepage now to find more information on this subject and others such as growing, herbs, fruits, vegetables in containers.


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How to Prune Tomato Plants?

Good day! How are you? I would like to thank you for coming to visit my website and to read this article “How to Prune Tomato Plants?“. The really is plenty to learn on this blog post and within this website as a whole! All articles created here are thoroughly researched to provide you with the best and latest content on this subject! Enjoy!

How to Prune Tomato Plants How to Prune Tomato plants so they are productive healthy and happy by Agricultural Horticulturist Marty Ware

There are a wide range of ways of how to prune your beloved Tomato plant. Many would say there is only one way, but this is probably the best way for them, or serves the best purpose in their set out desire on what they wish to establish and achieve.

Image via Flickr

Here we will provide you with a wide range of pruning tomato styles to help you choose one that is suitable for your garden and lifestyle.
More Tips For Leaf, Stem Removal and Fruit Production!


  • Choose if you want a few branches or a central leader.
  • Train the plant up a stake, train up a fence and grow vertical tomatoes
  • Remove any old, diseased or unwanted branches. This is done by twisting out the branches that appear near the leaf.
  • Keep some leaf growth around the base of the pot to keep the root zone cool and shaded.
  • Once enough fruits appear keep removing unwanted branches and flowers for larger sweeter fruits.
  • Remove bottom suckers. These are tall lanky branches that appear at the bottom of the stem
  • Do not over water during fruit set, as this makes the fruits split open.
  • Full sun optimal minimum four hours – 6 to 8 hours is best!
  • Give them plenty of love and tender care!

Image via Flickr

Also, please visit”How To Prune Tomato Plants?” and have your say. We would love to hear your comments, and will get back to each and everyone of you!

Do You Prune Your Tomatoes?


I know many of you have your own thoughts on pruning tomatoes, so I’ve left the comments from prior years below, for you to see what others think. I’d love to hear from you tomato growers out there. Do you thin out your plants

Caring for your Garden : : Better Home and Garden

Learn about how to thin beets, and how to prune tomatoes for the highest productivity. Besides learning about each plant, the gardener must keep faithfully watering and weeding all summer long in order to get a good crop.

The Reluctant Homesteader: Pruning Tomatoes


I never knew it was done until last year. There are determinate tomatoes, indeterminate tomatoes and mixtures. Determinate tomato plants grow to a certain size then stop. Indeterminate plants keep growing into large bushes

Come and click my Potted Vegetable Garden website now to find more information on this subject and others such as growing, herbs, fruits, vegetables in containers.


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Growing Mint in Containers

Growing Mint in Containers

Growing Mint in Containers Marty Ware from the Potted Vegetable Garden provides an educational detailed outline about growing the herb Mint in pots. Please subscribe to Marty’s Youtube channel for more great gardening vi…


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