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Wormfarm Why is it Wet and Smelly?

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Why is My Wormfarm Wet and Smelly?

The big Question Why is My Wormfarm Wet and Smelly? Marty Ware from the Potted Vegetable Garden answers these questions in his latest video. If you want to know more about Worm farming grab his E-book and learn all the t…

Finding that place called Home: Working with nature


Even more riveting was the fact they were giving away free compost bins and worm farms. What a fabulous thing for a As long as there’s enough carbon in there, your compost won’t turn smelly or wet. If you fill your compost

Compost and worm farms: it’s all good news (Part 1) « Steplight

If too wet or smelly add more dry or brown materials and allow the compost to aerate by turning it over. If too dry or not generating much heat it may need more wet or green materials. Read Part 2 of compost and worm farms:

my new worm farms…. and question on Sulphur Smell


OK, I have a Can-O-Worms bin, and my bin was started around beginning of Feb, the initial beddings were made up of the box the bin came in, lots of wet shreade… my new worm farms…. and question on Sulphur Smell

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