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How to Start Your Own Vegetable Planter Box

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Vegetable Planter Box 3 Creative Ideas

Vegetable Planter Box 3 Creative Ideas Marty Ware from the Potted Vegetable Garden l…



I Need Advice on Building Planter Boxes for Vegetables – Arizona Daily Star<Sun, 22 Sep 2013 07:01:57 GMT

I Need Advice on Building Planter Boxes for VegetablesArizona Daily StarYou can build those planter boxes out of many materials. If you use stacked pavers, your boxes could be handsome and maintenance-free for a long time. If you use masonry blocks, …


Ideas and Inspiration for a Modern Vegetable Garden – Sow Swell

http://sowswell.comTue, 21 Aug 2012 23:33:13 GMT

When starting a modern urban garden, you need to first do an assessment and determine the best methods of gardening you can manage given your lifestyle, space, desired vegetable output and amount of sun. If you have a patio or a simple window box, you may want to consider container gardening. …. Cinder blocks don’t typically jump to mind when you think of beauty, but here their clean lines and modularity offer lots of options to design your own planter. In the 


Edible Landscapes – Integrating Food Plants as Design Features

http://sowswell.comTue, 06 Nov 2012 20:59:33 GMT

More and more, vegetable boxes are cropping up in yards across the nation. It’s finally cool to grow your own vegetables. However, the difference between garden boxes and edible landscapes is that when creating a 


Build a Vegetable Planter Box with these Plans | Stark Insider

http://www.starkinsider.comWed, 20 Feb 2013 19:00:12 GMT

If you haven’t already, this is the perfect time to build your own vegetable planter box. I designed and built the one you see above and have been sharing the plans so that you can easily put one together too. Little did I know 


How to Start a Vegetable Garden – The Grant Life

http://thegrantlife.comMon, 01 Apr 2013 11:00:00 GMT

Here are my beginners tips on how to start your own vegetable garden. Easy steps to starting a vegetable garden You will need: Seeds. Potting Soil. Planters. Foil or a tray for water drainage. Creating your own garden. Ryley is at Vegetables growing. I get excited when I see them too because I no longer have a brown thumb! They are almost big enough to transfer outside so I had my hubby build a planter box. I can’t wait to move these outside to the planter box!


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