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Tips on Growing Chocolate Mint

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How to Grow Chocolate Mint

How to Grow Chocolate Mint Marty Ware from the Potted Vegetable garden shows you in this informative video how to grow this wonderful aromatic herb at home. He also shows you some great ways it can be used in cooking at …

How to Use Chocolate Mint | Herbal Collective Source


I recently started growing chocolate mint in my garden. Mint is a great herb to grow for many reasons and now with new flavour varieties like chocolate mint, it has even more versatility. Now I have to admit that I’ve never been

Expert Tips: Growing & Using Herbs


If you love creating interesting dishes in the kitchen, you’ll enjoy growing herb varieties that you can’t find in the store, such as cinnamon basil and chocolate mint. What’s more, many herbs can grow in small spaces, such as in

Chocolate mint banana ice cream and nutrient analysis of peppermint


I personally love chocolate mint – the fragrance stays true to its name and the flavor to me has a mild peppermint flavor. I currently have chocolate mint and several other types of mint growing in a planter on our deck and find

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