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Marty Grows Tomatoes on his Patio

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How Marty Grows Tomatoes on his Patio
How Marty Grows Tomatoes on his Patio Inside this video Marty Ware from the Potted Vegetable Garden shows how he grows Tomatoes on his patio (veranda) at his home in northern N.S.W Australia just south of the Gold Coast Queensland Border.

Grow Tomatoes in Pots at Home | Biosafety | Agriculture


Why give up growing vegetables in the city? Even if you have a garden, try growing a vegetable garden on the balcony can grow tomatoes in pots and easy recipes that are great for summer. Growing tomatoes on the balcony is easy and fun.

meesh's pottery: this is our reality.


pots even grow in the garden here… then there are the pots that are getting glazed… and a kiln to be unloaded… and loaded again to be fired once more before we leave on August first. aside from the pots, we grow tomatoes

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