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How To Grow Lemongrass?

Hi, my friend, here is another blog post called “How To Grow Lemongrass?“! This is one of my all time favorite herbs to grow as it just has so many uses for me.

How To Grow Lemongrass?

Learn how to grow Lemongrass, fruit trees, vegetables and herbs today! Click the link to get directed there now and I will see you there Marty from the Potted Vegetable Garden.

So, how do we grow this lovely aromatic herb? Well, it’s not really all that hard, you do need a lot of sun. 4 hours full sun minimum is needed to grow this herb successfully. To be honest if you can give this plant full sun all day, then that’s even better.

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Lemongrass also needs lots of water, so if water is a bit scarce then try and plant in a moist low spot in your garden. I also recommend that you chop it back a lot to promote nice fresh green healthy growth.

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Also, please┬ávisit or “click – How to Grow Lemon Grass at Home?” and have your say. We would love to hear your comments, and will get back to each and everyone of you!

Gardening Jones ┬╗ How to GrowLemon Grass (Tell Me More)


I wasn’t sure if y’all would want to learn about Lemon Grass, but since the first post was well received here’s a little more in-debt info. If you haven’t yet, please read How to Grow Lemon Grass . As Patty was savvy enough to

How to Grow Organic Lemongrass Plants |


Growing organic lemongrass plants in the home garden keeps it handy for adding to recipes and beverages.

Spotlight on Spice: How to Grow Lemongrass – Season with Spice


Growing and harvesting your own spices & herbs might be too unrealistic, like planting a nutmeg tree or a clove tree far from the equator; too labor-intensive, like hand-pollinating a vanilla orchid or processing green pepper

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