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DIY Worming Farm Tips and Worm Wee Fertilizer

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Home Worming Farm Tips and Worm Wee Fertilizer In this video Marty Ware from the Potted Vegetable Garden goes over some in depth tips to help you get more production from your worm farm and how to turn your worm wee into superb no smelling liquid fertilizer.

Worm Farm! Vermiposting | Life on the Bayou


While I was planting iris bulbs last weekend, I decided I wanted a worm bed. The area I was digging was full of earthworms, red worms, night crawlers…whatever you know them by. I got out my handy dandy copy of Mother

How Black Gold Helps Plants Grow – Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm


Worm castings or worm poop help your garden grow bigger and better than ever.

Commercial Vermiculture – Acme Worm Farm


Considering the worm business? Here are a few hints and cautions. Please read our Home Vermicomposting article as a preface to this one. Click here to send us your worm farming and commercial vermiculture questions. Growing Worms

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