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This disease occurs sometimes to your tomatoes, and it’s very irritating, particularly after you’ve placed months of work and love into your plants only to see these nasty black dots appear on the bottom of your tomatoes. (see picture below)

Black spots on tomatoes.

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It’s called: blossom end rot, or blossom plight. Not to be perplexed with “year end rot/harvest rot.” That’s a different problem entirely.

Just what begins as a few harmless looking dark spots on the bottom of your tomatoes, can overnight turn into a giant rotting fungi that consumes the tomatoes form the inside. And will certainly consume the whole tomato if not removed. Eliminate the affected tomatoes as soon as you see sign of this condition.

Typically, this will certainly not take place to just 1 tomato on a plant, however lots of, in some cases also the entire plant, and it can easily occur incredibly rapidly. If you’ve ever had this happen to you, then you understand exactly how discouraging this is!

Here’s why it occurs:

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The experts state it’s since of inadequate / irregular soil wetness. And I need to say, since I’ve done my own experimenting, it seems true.




What does this mean?

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When the plant is finally expanding fruit, it is at a crucial stage, when unexpectedly the roots get a shock, funky stuff starts to take place to the fruit:
1. If you water your tomatoes not enough, or at times when most of the water evaporates, it can likely create blossom end rot.
I believe plants are kind of like infants, they like regular, so I stick to a watering program, normally every morning it’s the very first thing I do, lots of water. I do not think there is such a thing as “over watering” a tomato plant, they ADORE water.

2. If you grow plants in pots, pay attention, this is vital …

Get BIG pots. The most typical issue I see with people growing tomato plants in pots is the pot is simply way too little.

A little pot will lead to ground water evaporating quicker as it heats up throughout the day, which leads to irregular ground moisture. You may water the plant in the early morning, as the sunshine hits the pot at noon, many of the water evaporates and the plant is thirsty for the rest of the day. Dry ground is bad!

How huge should your pots be? A good guideline of thumb is huge enough to fit a basketball in. At the very least 10 Gallons. And fill it with ground all the way to the top.

Too commonly individuals place tomatoes in pots you might put an orchid in or other blossom sized pots, or they put them in huge pots but just fill them up half way with ground (which defeats the application of the big pot!) The plants expand short and gradually this means. Keep in mind tomatoes are big plants, and they need lots of soil to expand well.

A final thing about pots …

For the exact same explanation, Don’t Use BLACK Pots For Tomatoes!, the color black attracts sunlight and warms up like insane, the water in your soil will certainly evaporate in the heat … which causes problems like these.

The very best pots are clay, however they’re costly. The next best possibility is white or any type of additional shade of plastic. Pots are a huge topic which I will certainly cover later on.

Above all, the best way to protect against blossom end rot is normal and constant watering, and being on guard about soil wetness … once the summer time hits, water twice or even three times a day, particularly on dry and hot days.

And keep in mind, offer your tomatoes tons of love!

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