Romney Defeats Obama or Did He?

05 Oct

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Obama vs. Romney

We like to have fun at RockChatHam and here is our latest skit. We hope you all enjoy! Here is our follow up vid for Romney Hey, don’t fault us! He did good in the debate.

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Blacks For Romney: Funny Or Die’s Compelling Campaign Message


Cool/Not Cool – Obama vs. Romney. David Letterman <a href=”; target=”_hplink”>brings back his classic segment “Cool/Not Cool”</a> to judge the singing ability of <a

Harry’s Place » Obama vs. Romney: Round One


Obama vs. Romney: Round One. Gene, October 4th 2012, 1:50 am. Reporting last week about preparations for tonight’s first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney (focusing on domestic issues), The New York Times revealed: Mr. Romney’s team has I keep thinking that the funny thing is that Republicans don’t believe in polling now, just like they don’t believe in economics, obstetrics, evolution or environmental science. Science seems to be a sticking point.

Obama Vs. Romney Debate Scorecard: October 3, 2012 | Mr. Media


The two presidential candidates will debate two more times this month, and a strong showing by President Obama and/or a weak showing by Mitt Romney will inevitably change the media narrative yet again. Tonight’s Grades: Governor Mitt Romney A; President Barack Obama: C. What do you think? Funny – you’re the second person to disagree with my tie assessment. My beef was that it faded into the background, providing him with no color contrast. I’d love to

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