Ways to Grow Kaffir Lime Trees in Containers

02 Oct

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How to Grow Kaffir Lime Trees in Containers

How to Grow Kaffir Lime Trees in Containers Marty Ware from Australia discusses all the uses for this wonderful fruit tree that is used to flavor a wide range of exotic dishes from Asia. Also, learn how you too can grow …

gustidude: Thai Lime Leaf: Why Names Are Important


Thai Lime Leaf: Why Names Are Important. Most folks know Thai lime leaf by its un-politically correct name, kaffir leaf, or kaffir lime leaf. Other names for the citrus are combava, limau purut, daun jeruk perut, makroot (makrut,

Big plans for the backyard « 500m2 in Sydney


I have a client with a kaffir lime, blood orange, lime and Meyer lemon growing in tubs on the side of the house that gets very little sun in winter but a fare amount in summer. They are doing pretty well esp the lemon.

Spotlight on Spice: How to Grow a Kaffir Lime Tree – Season with


kaffir limes and leaves on tree branch to be used as a spice and herb in. It’s spring time. Finally. You’re ready for your first trip to the nursery to pick out what to plant in your garden or in the empty pots in your house. Kaffir lime trees (Citrus hystrix) are available in nurseries around the world because with the right care – lots of light, water, food, and warmth – they can grow anywhere. The small tree can thrive indoors year-round in a well ventilated pot with good drainage. Kaffir lime

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