Google and Social Media

24 Sep

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Social Media – Facebook vs. Google Plus Marketing Learn about which way you should go in promoting your business using social media marketing: Facebook advertising or Google Plus.  …

Social Media is So Much More Than Likes and Followers | Search


There’s no doubt that social media signals (i.e. activity on social media) has some bearing on search rankings, but there is still a lot of debate about the specifics. It does appear that a business’ activity on Google+ may soon

How Is Social Media Changing Diplomacy?


State Department officials and ambassadors agree: Social media is changing the craft of international diplomacy.

Ways Social Media Impacts SEO | Search Engine Journal


At the same time, Social Media has become a critical piece of the overall SEO puzzle. Shares, likes, follows, and +1’s are all known to positively impact overall ranking for a website. With the two disciplines now permanently

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