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19 Sep

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For Sale By Owner (

For Sale By Owner Selling Your House? Find out how For Sale By Owner can get you listed on and and save you thousands. Selling a home in Australia used to mean just one thing – engaging a real…

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English: Daniel O'Donnell's home in Meenbannad...

English: Daniel O’Donnell’s home in Meenbannad area Daniel O’Donnell moved to this smaller home in the Meenbannad area of the Rosses after selling his very large home at the north end of Cruit Island. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What Is The Best Time To Sell My Home? |® Blogs

I live just outside of Philadelphia PA in a desirable township. My wife and I want to move and are doing some cosmetic work on the house. We have heard two schools of thought. One realtor said mid September is good then it

Realty Times – Picture This House: Why Photos Sell Your Home


Yes, it’s true that many buyers, especially those with children, like to be settled into their new home before the school year starts. However, that doesn’t mean it’s too late for your home to sell. Stepping up the marketing and

Zooming in on your new home

Zooming in on your new home (Photo credit: Alan Cleaver)

Should I use a lease option to sell my home? | St Louis Real Estate


Maybe you are a seller that has found yourself faced with the reality that you can’t sell your house or condo for a price today that will yield enough to pay off your loan, and you are not a candidate for, or don’t want to do, a short-sale? Or, maybe

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